Apoapsis 2019

CanSat team of the Humboldt-Gymnasium Vaterstetten

Social Media and our Website

The day is almost over and our social media channels have been updated. Via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and this site you can learn more about our activities and developments for the CanSat 2018 competition.

The website you are reading is a bit special. Instead of creating it using a website builder, we wrote it almost completely in Markdown and launched it as a GitHub project. That means that we can design just about every aspect of the website independently and that every team member can access everything, making collaboration easier. It also makes it easier for us to setup our database, which will be a big part of our secondary mission.

In addition to that, Repositories for the other software components of the project (The ground station and the satellite) have been created on Github. By doing that not only all team mebers, but also everyone else can gain insight on our project development.

Written on 28. January 2018