Apoapsis 2019

CanSat team of the Humboldt-Gymnasium Vaterstetten

About us and our project

About us

We are the team Apoapsis from Vaterstetten. Our group consists of eight students from the Humboldt-Gymnasium Vaterstetten in Baldham near Munich.

What is a CanSat?

A CanSat is a capsule the size of a standard soda can. Using a small rocket it is launched to a height of about 1000m and then glides back down on a parachute. The sensors on bord provide various data about the environment, such as temperature, pressure, position and more. This data is either transmitted in real time to a ground station or stored in the capsule and collected after the landing.

More information about the challenge can be found on the official CanSat 2019 competition website at cansat.de.

What does our CanSat do?

It measures air pressure and temperature, takes 3D pictures and stabilizies itself using a reaction wheel.