Apoapsis 2019

CanSat team of the Humboldt-Gymnasium Vaterstetten

The Team

We're a group of eight students from the Humboldt-Gymnasium Vaterstetten in Baldham near Munich.
“I'm Niklas Cölle, the team's project leader. I'm responsible for the satellite's eletronics and control units. However, I also help with software development. I've always been interested in aerospace engineering and therefore wanted to work on a project like this one.”
“My name is Leon Hauser. In 2018, I already assumed the role of the ‘structural engineer’ (since I'm interested in an engineer's career); I'm responsible for the construction this year as well. I joined the project because I've been interested in the construction of aerospace vehicles for a long time and couldn't resign such an opportunity.”
“I'm Henrik Böving, one of our team's coders. As a hobby developer, I'm responsible for programming the CanSat and the ground station as well as for the evaluation of the collected data.”
“My name is Felix Edelmann. I administrate the website and our social media channels. Furthermore, I mediate when there are disagreements in the team.”
“I'm Teresa Wagner and I contribute to the CanSat's construction and hardware as well as looking after Instagram and Twitter, together with Felix. Like Jakob, I'm attending the nineth grade of the HGV, thus counting to the team's offspring.”
“My name is Jakob Schaarschmidt and I engage in electronics and construction of our CanSat. I was suggested to this project by the Humboldt Academy of Science and Engineering (HASE) of our school.”
“I'm Johanna Schneeberger and I'm responsible for programming. My focus is on our secondary mission, i. e. evaluating the stereoscopic images.”
“My name is Victor Sun and together with Leon, I'm engaged in the (mechanical) construction of the CanSat. I also help out with other problems when needed.”
„I'm Jan Adä and I help out developing the software, especially the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL).“